The Dread

I know,
How it feels when you’ve been running for months on end
Eyes searching for what lies beyond the next bend
An oasis for the runners to heal before they get back on the road
But then the reminder creeps in, that sinking fear is hot on their heels
Your person is standing on that hill over there
You dream of reaching out of your window
But the wind is cold and the rain is fierce
In chorus, slowly, the body loses its warmth
Redemption is on the door but you aren’t able anymore
The loss, the lament and the rigor is too binding to let go
Doesn’t matter if you try and hide
Into the darkness it follows
There is a part of your mind with whom you confide
The one that howls as you brick in the divide
Dawn keeps coming while hope imagines the sun
The story remains, dreary and unsung.


Once there was a butterfly
She was born of sunshine and rain
Her wings were build to defy
An answer to the proverbial world of cain
In the abode of clouds her journey began
Soon she made plans to leave when she can
A heathen city was waiting near the sea
A place where she could read a book sitting in a tree
Its a delight to imagine her eat in the middle of the night
with a sunny-side up and some onion on the side
She loves to flaunt colours that mesmerize
It took me a zillion words and an hour or two to realize
The rendition of beauty that she was
A beauty waiting on a cause
Pretty eyes and exclusive smiles
A nose that reddens when she cries
Her jaw she says is a bit out of form
And her hair is made up of a dark thunderstorm
I had plans to take her somewhere away
Because the way her decisions sways
lately depends on what the world says
Now I’m holding her right hand just above the black wrist band
Together we’ll sail for months till we make land
We’ll discover a place no one has ever seen
Where she’ll be the king and I’ll be the queen



Dear lady, I am feeling very ill.

You think?, it was a mistake to swallow the red pill

Until now I have refrained from using words such as love,

since i had plans to stay ahead of the curve

It was unfortunate how things took a drastic turn,

now i am forced to hit the ground as I run

All ive been asking for is a conversation with no strings attached

And all ive gotten is a glance, too trivial too detached

Know, you can kill all the colours until the world pales

And forget our faces as they change into somebody else

But what you cant forget is the day that has managed to keep us etched

Truth has a knack of breaking people

I’m a believer so help me stand high on this steeple,

so high that you can see me faraway through the dark

Though it is gradually becoming harder to leave a mark

For ages ive been wandering into the lands of my mind,

searching for your house somewhere on my ocean floor

Tell your hands to let the words flow and I’ll follow them back to your door

I understood the longing that Leonard was talking about

While recently your compassion has incurred some serious doubt

This feeling is heavier than being hated

Baby!, it hurts me so much, I wanna stay sedated

My feet crumble as I push this rock up the hill, again and again

I need a sign to understand your pain

My body lays still as my mind slips into this pool of uncertainty

Its not the gloom but the hope that tortures me slowly

I appeal to you to not let fear cloud your kingdom

Go on, scramble for the last abode of your hunted wisdom

I write these words for you as my duty

Rest assured, they will stay stoically strong on the alter of honesty

I assume, back in the day you were like a festival personified

Now i can feel the anxiety in your feet as they carry you to hide

Time has definitely failed to heal your heart

No point in complaining, realize, that you and this you are worlds apart

Somebody surely broke something inside you

Someone who wasn’t true?

After all, everything i say has one ultimate goal

To make your leftover heart question your soul

I still foresee a night with red moon light

And I can’t stop dreaming of you tonight



My words crumble as they are struck down by your ignorance

I stay marveling about your perpetual passive belligerence

This state of attrition is increasingly pushing the boundary

I ponder if my words are being dumped into a black hole of depravity

Now here comes the fourth wave of invasion

I know a classic pincer move wouldn’t do

So i am being mindfully scrumptious in this blue isolation

Dearly hoping to ignite a revolution inside you

I imagine you with your sunglasses resting on your head

Confused dark eyes staring deep into my soul

I stared back to see what my heart really meant

An ideology wrapped in red, unforgiving and hell-bent

This scene might just pull your resting face to a grin

Though it is short of a smile, it’s a rare win

Your walls are going strong but i see the unrest within

I believe a civil war is about to begin

Meanwhile, I invite you to dine, here outside your mind

There are well cooked emotions on the menu, chose what you may

Hallucinogens are in the front while the placebos are there behind

Be delighted because a simmering talk is today’s special entrée

To awaken your heart from the slumber of an eternity

My weaved words floating into a personal harmony

Kindly resonating your naked complexity

Symphony for a sacred ceremony

Wake up Kimberly !

Bake me up a story.




Now that I’ve got a sliver of your attention

I already feel like a sensation

Its much harder done than said

You can’t really see from the back of your head

But i thank you for turning

Its not just something

Its more than a ledge on the winters edge

Because from here I see the sun brimming

I wonder if this is too alarming for you to feel

To hear words breath electricity

Do you often wonder or even pretend

Mind’s trying, a struggle to comprehend

Wouldn’t opening up be the higher say

Rather than just surviving this way

I see you don’t look too comfortable under there

Is this too claustrophobic for a prayer

Like a bundle of hope and a fear of the unknown

A torrent of possibilities pouring from your phone

Are you hurling through space and time

Where all your attempts to hold on were fruitless and unfair

The empty vacuums in your lungs

Screaming for a familiar gush of air

Out of your little room and into the streets

Move with your burden disguised as a blessing

And yet you might get hit by a car

But its guaranteed to take you somewhere far

Somewhere far away from regrets

Where it is easy to break open your barricades

Now or somewhere in the ever

You need to lose your armour

The world isn’t so sharp anymore

There is no evil in your heart, just a persistent sore

The unrequited

How does it feel when you’ve been running for months on end?

Eyes searching for what lies beyond the next bend

An oasis for the runners to heal before they get back on the road

They know they can’t stop now, consequences reach out to settle their bill

Your person is standing on that hill over there

Reach out from your window

The wind is cold and the rain is fierce

Redemption is on the door but you know you aren’t interested anymore

The journey and its pain is too alive to let go

There is a part of your mind colluding against you and you know it

Doesn’t matter if you try and run

Into the escape they will follow

Dawn keeps coming while hope imagines the sun

It’s the same story, dreary and unsung.